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What do @miriamskitchen @FriendshipPlace @NLIHC @homeless_law @NationalHomeles @StopCopTerrorDC @nwlc @jufj & 400+ DC voters have in common?

They want @MayorBowser @CMCHenderson & @SecDebHaaland to stop the McPherson eviction

Individuals, add your name:

"People can’t legally spend the night in the woods because the city has criminalized camping in areas not zoned for camping and camping in restricted public areas or a public right-of-way." writes @ChrisHBoschult

“According to one analysis from the [National Homelessness Law Center], a single 5 percent increase in rents in a major city such as Los Angeles can force as many as two thousand people onto the streets.”

ACTION ALERT: Tell @SecDebHaaland, @MayorBowser and @CMCHenderson to stop the harmful eviction of 70 of our neighbors living in McPherson Square.

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