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July 2022

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Fox 13 News (4/26/2022) Edmonds considering ban on use of public space for shelter

King 5 (4/26/2022) Edmonds City Council fails to vote on proposed ordinance making camping on public property illegal

Mass Live (4/25/2022) Worcester police want to buy drone and despite City Council concerns over equity and privacy, ultimate decision lays with city manager

Centre Daily Times (4/21/2022) Letters: Trustee has made many contributions; ‘More of the same’ not an answer to homelessness

Wausau Pilot & Review (4/20/2022) Complaints about unhoused people in downtown Wausau sharply up, police say

Patch (4/20/2022) Outcry Over Worcester Police Drone Program At First Public Hearing

Community 99 (4/20/2022) ID PROCESS, VITAL SERVICES COMPLICATIONS (4/20/2022) It’s tough for NJ’s homeless to get IDs. But to access vital services, they must show IDs

Reveal News (4/16/2022) Handcuffed and Unhoused

Tucson Sentinel (4/8/2022) Homeless camping bans are spreading. This group shaped the bills.

The Pew Charitable Trusts (4/8/2022) Homeless Camping Bans Are Spreading. This Group Shaped the Bills.

The Badger Herald (4/7/2022) New Madison homeless shelter productive, but requires more mental health, drug abuse support

The Daily Iowan (4/6/2022) Iowa ACLU calls on Coralville to repeal panhandling ordinance

Iowa City Press-Citizen (4/5/2022) ACLU calls on Coralville, Dubuque, Davenport and Bettendorf to repeal panhandling bans

Curbed (4/1/2022) The Cruel Theater of Encampment Sweeps

KMA Land (3/31/2022) Axne seeks solutions to rural homelessness

Business Wire (3/30/2022) NEC Corporation of America is Partnering with Haven for Hope to Co-create Technology-Enabled Solutions That Enhance Safety, Streamline Operations and Empower Clients

Yahoo!finance (3/30/2022) NEC Corporation of America is Partnering with Haven for Hope to Co-create Technology-Enabled Solutions That Enhance Safety, Streamline Operations and Empower Clients

Yahoo!sports (3/25/2022) Santa Fe considers establishing organized homeless camps to provide better services

The Denver Channel (3/25/2022) Waiver programs provide college tuition for foster care youth and those experiencing homelessness

ABC Action News (3/25/2022) Waiver programs provide college tuition for foster care youth and those experiencing homelessness

Law360 (3/25/2022) Tent Camps To Court: The Legal Fight Over Homelessness

Ilhan Omar (3/24/2022) Rep. Omar Reintroduces Homes for All, Manufactured Housing Legislation

U.S. Congresswoman Cindy Axne (3/24/2022) Reps. Axne, Lucas Introduce Legislation to Help Rural Iowa Communities Reduce Homelessness

Quartz (3/23/2022) The US’s top housing authority just declared housing a human right

The Oregonian (3/19/2022) Portland homelessness: Mayor Ted Wheeler, interest groups promote competing ideas to lessen crisis

AZ Central (3/18/2022) Arizona has ‘critically low’ support for homeless youth, high rates of human trafficking

San Jose Spotlight (3/17/2022) Heffner: Homelessness stems from a lack of affordable housing

AZ Central (3/9/2022) How metro Phoenix’s inaction on homelessness burdens working-class neighborhoods (3/8/2022) Mobile tables controversial camping ordinance that critics believe would criminalize homelessness



The Bharat Express News (3/2/2022) Cities keep trying to stop churches from helping the homeless

Vice (3/2/2022) Cities Keep Trying to Stop Churches From Helping the Homeless (3/2/2022) Civil rights groups say Mobile’s camping ordinance violates Constitution, urges council to vote it down

The Philadelphia Inquirer (12/27/2021) Homeless advocate creating a shelter from the ground up in Upper Darby

KOIN (12/25/2021) Youth homelessness hard to track in Central Oregon

Portland Tribune (12/25/2021) Youth homelessness hard to track in Central Oregon

The American Prospect (12/23/2021) Washington Moves to Clear Unhoused People From Encampments

The Salt Lake Tribune (12/22/2021) How camp abatements affect Salt Lake City’s unsheltered people

Law 360 (12/19/2021) National Homeless Law Center Chief On Hurdles, 2022 Goals

USA Today (12/18/2021) San Francisco mayor plans ’emergency response’ for crime, drug deaths. Skeptical advocates say police can’t fix the problem.

Big Rapids Pioneer (12/18/2021) Homeless shelters offer more than a hot meal and a bed

The Detroit News (12/18/2021) Michigan homeless shelters move beyond beds to providing services

Reveal (12/18/2021) Handcuffed and Unhoused

Relevant (12/17/2021) Newark, New Jersey’s Ordinance Prohibiting Feeding the Hungry Is a Violation of Religious Freedom

Pensacola News Journal (12/17/2021) Pensacola homeless camp will be shut down. City Council rejects request to delay eviction.

Pensacola News Journal (12/16/2021) ACLU of Florida, others warn Pensacola of legal trouble if I-110 homeless camp is cleared

Yahoo!Sports (12/15/2021) Newark Will Require Permits To Feed Homeless People; Here’s Why

The Philadelphia Inquirer (12/14/2021) Angry advocates call for compassion after Center City Popeyes posts sign barring people who are homeless

The New York Times (12/14/2021) Feed the Hungry? You’ll Need a Permit for That.

The Palm Beach Post (12/8/2021) West Palm bumbles panhandling ban

Progressive (12/8/2021) Housing Not Handcuffs: A New Campaign Fights to Stop the Criminalization of Poverty

WKRN (12/5/2021) National legal expert lays out challenges in addressing Nashville’s homeless dilemma

OPB (12/3/2021) Portland city officials welcome private security firm’s investigations even as prosecutors skeptical

Ocala Post (12/3/2021) Residents say homelessness is a crime in Mount Dora, becoming one of Florida’s worst places to live

Center for American Progress (9/30/2021) Eviction Record Expungement Can Remove Barriers to Stable Housing

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (9/29/2021) Wauwatosa panhandler ordinance is working, police chief says – Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Screen Shot (9/24/2021) Inside Biden’s plan to cut US homelessness by 45 per cent through affordable cities

Teen Vogue (9/24/2021) Anti-Homeless Laws and Policies Are on the Rise in Cities Like Los Angeles

Sierra Sun Times (9/22/2021) California’s U.S. Senator Alex Padilla Co-Leads Legislation with U.S. Senator Warren and Representative Cori Bush to Protect Renters During COVID-19 Pandemic – Would Enact a Nationwide Eviction Moratorium

Yahoo!finance (9/22/2021) The Biden administration is recruiting cities to help solve the US homelessness crisis

Quartz (9/22/2021) The Biden administration is recruiting cities to help solve the US homelessness crisis

AZ Central (9/21/2021) As DOJ investigates, Phoenix says there’s no evidence of illegal cleanups at homeless encampments

The Philadelphia Citizen (9/17/2021) KENSINGTON’S RECOVERY PLAN

Deseret News (9/15/2021) What one Western town has learned from an experimental tent city

The American Independent (9/10/2021) LGBTQ renters forced to make impossible decisions during the eviction crisis

Nashville Scene (9/9/2021) Common Ground: Nashville’s Struggle to House Its Neediest Residents

The Olympian (9/7/2021) U.S. appeals court will hear challenge to Lacey law targeting homeless RV residents

The Montgomery Independent (9/2/2021) Committee Discusses Panhandling/Public Safety

Courier Journal (8/31/2021) As city-run homeless camps struggle for acceptance, is Louisville’s $3M site a mistake? (8/30/2021) Federal judge says Alabama laws against panhandling violate 1st Amendment

Courier Journal (8/29/2021) Louisville homelessness: Advocates skeptical sanctioned camp will help

AZ Central (8/25/2021) US cities see homelessness as blight problem. Could Phoenix DOJ investigation change that?

Fresno Bee (8/24/2021) CA recall candidate John Cox fact-checked on COVID, energy

The Seattle Times (8/22/2021) Tension over visible homelessness has risen in Seattle — and the country

South Side Weekly (8/18/2021) Mutual Aid Projects May Soon Run up Against Bureaucratic Barriers

Washington Post (8/12/2021) Opinion: The eviction moratorium limbo laid bare the system’s extreme dysfunction

HeraldNet (8/12/2021) Court: Making homeless man pay truck’s towing cost excessive

Leavenworth Times (8/12/2021) City passes illegal camping ordinance

The Philadelphia Inquirer (8/11/2021) Planned lawsuit fighting Aug. 18 Kensington clear-out of homeless people will no longer be pursued

Counter Punch (8/6/2021) About Those RVs Parked in Your Neighborhood

MarketWatch (8/6/2021) Biden’s latest eviction moratorium aims to protect renters, but also brings ‘new level of uncertainty’

Center for Biological Diversity (8/5/2021) Rep. Tlaib Introduces Utility Debt Cancellation Bill

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (8/4/2021) Wauwatosa passes new ordinance aimed at limiting panhandling on busy streets

Rising Up With Sonali (8/4/2021) Progressive Dems Stand Against Eviction Moratorium Ending

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (8/3/2021) A Wauwatosa committee passed a new ordinance to limit panhandlers in the city. Here’s what it says.

Truthout (8/2/2021) Homes — Not “Sanctioned Encampments” — Are the Solution to Homelessness

The New York Times (6/30/2021) Sacramento Mulls a New Homeless Strategy: Legally Mandating Housing

Insider (6/30/2021) Women and tenants of color grapple with higher rates of eviction. Access to a lawyer can boost success rates in housing court by 70%.

Newsweek (6/29/2021) Mental Health Experts Assail John Cox’s Plan to ‘Force’ Homeless into Treatment

The Bronx Times (6/26/2021) A West Bronx senior living facility could be blueprint for addressing NYC homelessness

The Modesto Bee (6/17/2021) Turlock nears end of its homeless crisis. Displaced woman calls for new approaches

Eugene Weekly (6/17/2021) Swept Away – The CDC said to let the homeless stay at their camps during COVID. Eugene officials push people out anyway.

The Charlotte Observer (6/16/2021) Outlawing aid for homeless people isn’t the answer, Charlotte advocates say


The Crime Report (6/14/2021) ‘Zero-Tolerance’ Policies on Homeless Draw Criticism from Advocates

GPB (6/11/2021) How California Homelessness Became A Crisis

The Philadelphia Inquirer (6/10/2021) The city warned of a clear-out of Kensington homeless people. A Villanova professor is planning to sue to stop it.

Marin Independent Journal (6/9/2021) Novato tightens restrictions on homeless campers

Illinois News today (6/8/2021) Squaler Behind the Golden Gate: Confronting the California Homeless Crisis

Pramila Jayapal (6/8/2021) Jayapal and Meng Lead Lawmakers in Introducing the Housing is a Human Right Act

NPR (6/8/2021) How California Homelessness Became A Crisis

KXAN (6/7/2021) Several Austin City Council members concerned about spending on homelessness services

Los Angeles Times (6/6/2021) Editorial: To solve homelessness, California should declare a right to housing

Psychology Today (6/5/2021) Why Is Homelessness So Stigmatized?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (6/3/2021) “‘They deserve to be treated with dignity’: As Wauwatosa seeks to address panhandling, community leaders don’t want Band-Aid solutions.”

WBEZ Chicago (5/30/2021) The Biden Administration Is Racing Against Time As Homelessness Is Set To Spike In June

GPB (5/29/2021) Exclusive: HUD’s Marcia Fudge Says She’s Ready To Fight Homelessness As Head Of Panel

Psychology Today (5/29/2021) The Criminalization of Poverty and Homelessness

NPR (5/29/2021) Exclusive: HUD’s Marcia Fudge Says She’s Ready To Fight Homelessness As Head Of Panel

WMRA (5/28/2021) Marcia Fudge Picked To Head U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

NPR (5/28/2021) Marcia Fudge Picked To Head U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness

Sentinel Colorado (5/24/2021) LETTERS: Mayor Mike missed the point

Forbes (5/24/2021) Low Income Housing Tax Credit Enriching Private Interests At Expense Of Common Good

Mail Tribune (5/22/2021) Medford defends constitutionality of camping ordinances

The Tennessee Tribune (5/21/2021) Homeless encampment under Jefferson Street Bridge Slated for Closure on June 1st

The CT Mirror (5/21/2021) Time to recognize the human right to housing in Connecticut

News Times (5/20/2021) Opinion: Time to recognize the human right to housing in CT

News 4 Nashville (5/20/2021) Nashville non-profit responds to homeless camp removal by the city


Intelligent Aerospace (5/19/2021) The California city that sends a drone almost every time police are dispatched on a 911 call

The Columbian (5/19/2021) Portland announces it will aggressively clean or remove homeless encampments

The Oregonian (5/19/2021) Portland announces it will aggressively clean or remove homeless encampments

Sentinel (5/18/2021) Coffman’s camping ban is an archaic directive to criminalize poverty

Slate (5/17/2021) The California City That Sends a Drone Almost Every Time Police Are Dispatched on a 911 Call

Daily Camera (5/16/2021) Homelessness and housing services in Boulder among many areas affected by the coronavirus pandemic

Vox (5/14/2021) Los Angeles’s quixotic quest to end homelessness

Courthouse News Service (5/11/2021) Newsom Calls for Record $12 Billion to Combat Homelessness in California

KXAN (5/11/2021) Houston is praised for its homelessness strategy — it includes a camping ban

Here & Now (5/10/2021) Legal Minds Clash On How To Fix The Homeless Crisis On LA’s Skid Row

Grist (5/10/2021) There’s federal money available to house the homeless. No one’s taking it.

The Modesto Bee (5/10/2021) National group urges Turlock to stop homeless camp sweeps. Here’s what it recommends

Jefferson Public Radio (5/9/2021) Housing Advocates Push Back As Medford Enforces New Anti-Camping Ordinance

Scottsdale Progress (5/9/2021) Scottsdale camping ban may target homeless people

The Mary Sue (5/6/2021) Caitlyn Jenner’s SUPER Relatable Story About … Private Hangar Owners Fleeing Homeless People

Jefferson Public Radio (3/31/2021) Homeless Advocates Push Back On Proposed Medford Camping Law Changes

Free Times (3/31/2021) Columbia filmmaker spent seven years exploring homelessness through documentary series

Birmingham Business Journal (3/29/2021) Magic City Newsmakers: Regions Bank, Somerset Advisory, Exceptional Foundation, Baker Donelson and more (3/29/2021) For Many Motel Dwellers, Eviction Ban Provides No Relief

The Mercury News (3/29/2021) From the street to the courtroom: Homeless Californians sue for their rights

Forbes (3/29/2021) Government Extends Eviction Moratorium For 3 Months. Here’s What Renters Should Do

Arkansas Democrat Gazette (3/28/2021) Long-term residents at motels now facing higher eviction risk

Spectrum News (3/27/2021) For many motel dwellers, eviction ban provides no relief

The Ridgefield Press (3/27/2021) Campbell: Think of ‘the humanity of families.’ CT needs to treat housing as human right

ABC News (3/27/2021) For many motel dwellers, eviction ban provides no relief

The Dallas Observer (3/25/2021) Texas Bills Target Homeless by Proposing Class C Misdemeanor for Camping

The Gonzaga Bulletin (3/24/2021) Humanizing Spokane: Zag-led initiative addresses homelessness

Portland Mercury (3/22/2021) Homeless Advocates Hesitant to Support Oregon Bill to Decriminalize Camping

Insider (3/18/2021) A city outside Seattle just passed a ‘no sit, no lie’ ordinance for a 10-block swath of sidewalks aimed at homeless communities

Heavy (3/18/2021) Rodrigo Reyna-Sanchez & Mark Meftah: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Counter Punch (3/18/2021) Thumb in the Dike: Homelessness and Deepening Inequality

Herald Net (3/18/2021) City’s no-sit, no-lie ban could be unconstitutional, some say

Herald Net (3/18/2021) Everett City Council passes ‘no sit, no lie’ law in 5-1 vote

My Northwest (3/17/2021) Washington justices weigh towing of vehicles of homeless

Marketplace (3/17/2021) How many people have been homeless during the pandemic?

East Oregonian (3/16/2021) Washington justices weigh towing of vehicles of homeless

OPB (3/16/2021) Homeless advocacy groups criticize Medford’s proposed camping restrictions

Jefferson Public Radio (3/14/2021) Homeless Advocacy Groups Criticize Medford’s Proposed Camping Restrictions

Forward Lookout (3/10/2021) National Homelessness Law Center on McPike Park

The Oregonian (3/9/2021) Oregon would get closer to decriminalizing homelessness under proposed bill

Coastal Point (3/9/2021) ACLU of Delaware calls for repeal of panhandling statute

ACLU Delaware (3/8/2021) ACLU of Delaware Calls for Repeal of Panhandling Statute

The Montgomery Adviser (3/1/2021) As pandemic-fueled panhandling, homelessness grow, so do calls for a new approach in Montgomery

The Daily Californian (2/26/2021) Berkeley continues to face housing insecurities amid COVID-19

WDSU News (2/23/2021) Louisiana gets high marks for homeless youth services

The Seattle Times (2/20/2021) Looking to get around court rulings on homelessness, Washington cities may offer shelter, then crack down

Next City (2/15/2021) For People Who Experience Homelessness, Art Catalyzes Economic Mobility and Rewrites the Narrative

The Daytona Beach News-Journal (2/15/2021) Port Orange panhandlers face fines and jail now for soliciting; ACLU raises concerns

The Chronicle of Philanthropy (2/12/2021) Wes Moore to Leave Robin Hood; New America Hires Chief Transformation Officer

Courthouse News Service (2/11/2021) Audit: California Effort to Solve Homelessness Disjointed and Ineffective

Southern Maryland Online (2/10/2021) Settlement in Idaho case strengthens homeless protections

NHPR (2/10/2021) Boise, Idaho, Abandons Fight To Clear Homeless Encampments

Delaware Public Media (2/10/2021) Boise, Idaho, Abandons Fight To Clear Homeless Encampments


NPR (2/9/2021) Boise, Idaho, Abandons Fight To Clear Homeless Encampments

Who Is? The Podcast (2/9/2021) Who Is Ronald Reagan‪?

City of Boise (2/8/2021) Settlement Reached in Groundbreaking Martin v. Boise Case

KTVB7 (2/8/2021) Boise reaches $1.3 million settlement in homeless camping case

The Daily Record (2/4/2021) Fasanelli to head National Homeless Persons Law Center

Politico (2/4/2021) Jobs Report


Center for American Progress (10/30/2020) The Pandemic Has Exacerbated Housing Instability for Renters of Color

National Post (10/29/2020) No address? Voting while homeless is challenging in U.S. election

Global Citizen (10/29/2020) Voting While Homeless Poses Challenges Ahead of the US Election

The Legal Intelligencer (10/29/2020) People in the News—Oct. 29, 2020—Kang Haggerty, Duane Morris

Thomson Reuters Foundation News (10/29/2020) No address? Voting while homeless is challenging in U.S. election

The Washington Post (10/27/2020) Trump administration proposes reversal of homeless policy

Fairfield Citizen (10/27/2020) Trump administration proposes reversal of homeless policy

AP News (10/27/2020) Trump administration proposes reversal of homeless policy

Citizen Times (10/25/2020) ‘It’s a tipping point’: Domestic violence calls up amid COVID-19 isolation

The Oregonian (10/25/2020) Booking homeless Portlanders into jail is endless, expensive cycle that arrests don’t curb, but housing does

Historic City News (10/24/2020) District Court opens the door to solicitors on Florida roadways

Ponte Vedra Recorder (10/22/2020) U.S. District Court sides with St. Augustine panhandler

Hartford Courant (10/15/2020) As panhandling grows, Connecticut towns look for answers

The St. Augustine Record (10/15/2020) Federal judge declares statutes unconstitutional in county case

The Philadelphia Inquirer (10/14/2020) Philly’s housing deal with occupants of Parkway homeless encampment seen as ‘unprecedented’ nationwide

The Orion (10/13/2020) Punishing the homeless doesn’t solve the problem, compassion does

Pasquines (10/12/2020) WHAT TO DO THIS WEEK OF OCTOBER 11, 2020

The Leadership Conference on Civil & Human Rights (10/6/2020) 150 Civil Rights and Public Interest Groups Urge Senate to Oppose Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court Confirmation

The Olympian (10/4/2020) Data shows Thurston’s homeless population is rising — and still not everyone is counted

Nevada Current (10/2/2020) LV blocks off homeless encampment despite scant housing alternatives

GEN (8/31/2020) The Pandemic Has Exposed How Broken Our Housing System Is

KXXV News (8/28/2020) Criminalizing homelessness has a human cost, researchers say

Denver 7 (8/28/2020) Criminalizing homelessness has a human cost, researchers say

The Philadelphia Inquirer (8/25/2020) Even with judge’s sign-off, criminalizing encampments isn’t the solution to Philly’s housing problem | Opinion

The Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights (8/20/2020) 30 Civil Rights Groups Urge Supreme Court to Uphold Anti-Discrimination Laws, Support Same-Sex Foster Parents

Generocity (8/19/2020) The protest encampments — and the housing crisis they represent — aren’t going away

Portland Tribune (8/18/2020) Fining unhoused people for sleeping, camping is unconstitutional, Oregon District Court says

The Independent (8/13/2020) Colville mayor releases statement on homeless people in town

Daily Times (8/13/2020) GRANTS PASS US judge: Cities cannot fine people for living outside

The Corvallis Advocate (8/13/2020) Fed Ruling on Grants Pass Homeless Laws Could Impact Corvallis

The American Independent (8/12/2020) The pandemic has made it even harder for LGBTQ homeless people to vote

Star Tribune (8/11/2020) U.S. judge: Cities cannot fine people for living outside

Stamford Advocate (8/11/2020) U.S. judge: Cities cannot fine people for living outside

The Oregonian (8/11/2020) Cities cannot fine homeless people for living outside, U.S. judge rules in Grants Pass case

ABC 7 News (8/10/2020) The advantages within tent cities for people experiencing homelessness

Street Sense Media (8/6/2020) Two homeless residents say Dupont Circle neighbors cleared their belongings when they were given an Airbnb for one night

WAMU 88.5 (8/6/2020) ‘Two Sides Of The Same Coin’: Addressing The Link Between Racism And Homelessness

The Davis Vangaurd (8/2/2020) Homeless No-Shows in Fresno: For Unhoused, There’s No Incentive to Appear in Court

American Action Forum (6/30/2020) Incarceration and Poverty in the United States

NOWHERE TO GO (6/29/2020) In many cities, it’s illegal to beg for food or money

KATU 2 (6/29/2020) Cities, including Eugene, try to arrest their way out of homeless problems

Boston Globe (6/28/2020) For the homeless in Boston and beyond, laws can criminalize life itself

Colorado Springs Gazette (6/28/2020) Colorado advocates: Continued sweeps of homeless camps risk further spread of coronavirus

Kaiser Health News (6/26/2020) Sweeps Of Homeless Camps Run Counter To COVID Guidance And Pile On Health Risks

CPR News (6/26/2020) Denver’s Sweeps Of Homeless Camps Run Counter To COVID-19 Guidance

The Colorado Sun (6/25/2020) Sweeps of Denver homeless camps go against coronavirus guidance

NPR (6/25/2020) Denver’s Sweeps Of Homeless Camps Run Counter To COVID-19 Guidance

Vox (6/24/2020) 4 ideas to replace traditional police officers

Ocala (6/21/2020) Naomie Cledanor Accluche: We need to house the unsheltered in Ocala

BlackPressUSA (6/15/2020) OP-ED: Can’t Stay Home, Can’t Keep Curfew: People Experiencing Homelessness Caught in Pandemic, Curfews, Violence

The Charleston Chronicle (6/14/2020)  Can’t Stay Home, Can’t Keep Curfew: People Experiencing Homelessness Caught in Pandemic, Curfews, Violence

Realty Biz News (6/12/2020)  HUD moves to tackle homelessness amid COVID-19


Forbes (6/9/2020)  HUD Allocates Nearly $3 Billion In Funding To Aid Homeless Amid Coronavirus Recovery Efforts

The Progressive (6/3/2020) Pandemic Ramps Up Risks for the Homeless

No vacancy: Southern Nevada struggles to house the homeless during health crisis

Nevada Current-4/1/2020

Denver isn’t doing enough to protect homeless population from coronavirus, advocates say

Denver Post-4/4/2020

Homelessness and public safety intertwined in Boyle Heights

University Times-4/5/2020

Indiscriminate use of ‘defensive design’ may lead to social exclusion in urban public spaces

Observer Research Foundation-4/6/2020

Protecting the South’s homeless population from COVID-19

Facing South-4/7/2020

This Pandemic Exposed the Extreme Vulnerability of LGBTQ Youth


Progressives in Congress try to protect homeless, prevent more homelessness

Spare Change News-4/10/2020

The Brother Killer

The New York Times-4/12/2020

Santa Cruz homeless shelter provides COVID-19 spacing with mini-cottages

Santa Cruz Sentinel-4/14/2020

The Dawn of the Shout Drone


A fire displaced 4 people from a homeless encampment last week. Residents believe it was intentional.

Street Sense Media-4/17/2020

Rates of violence against the homeless are worse than you think


Supervisor Pushes for Socially Distanced Homeless Tent Camps

San Francisco Public Press-4/21/2020

Pressure Mounts To ‘Commandeer’ Hotels For Coronavirus


Homeless people ‘treated as criminals’ amid coronavirus lockdowns

Thomson Reuters Foundation-4/23/2020

Puyallup City Council: We’re doing the best we can for homeless during coronavirus

The News Tribune-4/24/2020

Lawsuit: Grants Pass criminalizes homelessness while offering no shelter

Street Roots-4/25/2020

CDC’s Prescription: Individual housing for homeless during COVID-19 and beyond

New York Amsterdam News-4/27/2020

CDC’s Prescription: Individual Housing for Homelessness

The Dallas Weekly-4/27/2020

CDC’s Prescription: individual housing for people experiencing homelessness during COVID-19

The Atlantic Voice-4/28/2020

Against CDC Guidance, Some Cities Sweep Homeless Encampments

The Pew Charitable Trusts-4/28/2020

Against CDC Guidance, Some Cities Sweep Homeless Encampments


Individual housing for people experiencing homelessness

The Times Weekly-4/29/2020

Against CDC guidance, some cities sweep homeless encampments

Fall River Herald News-4/29/2020

Housing, not handcuffs, will protect homeless and public health

Bangor Daily News-4/30/2020

Denver sweeps homeless camps despite CDC advice to leave them during pandemic

Denver Post-4/30/2020

Trump’s jabs on homelessness singe local efforts


‘Hard to track’: Homeless in cars one emergency away from Las Vegas streets

Las Vegas Sun-3/01/2020

Oversize vehicles offer tenuous home amid U.S. housing crisis


Homelessness Continues To Decrease In Bucks County, Survey Shows


Deborah Bowie and Jon DeCarmine: Dignity Village closure sees initial success

Gainesville Sun-3/06/2020

Reactionary Riptide Against Homeless Must be Stopped!


The Record of Human Rights Violations in the United States in 2019

Global Times-3/13/2020

Housing in Brief: Housing Insecurity in a Pandemic

Next City-3/13/2020

Tenants and Landlords Are Terrified Coronavirus Will Mean Evictions

VICE News-3/13/2020

Why the homeless, ‘surviving the best way they can,’ are vulnerable to coronavirus

USA Today-3/14/2020

Cities worry about homeless populations as coronavirus surges

The Hill-3/17/2020

Coronavirus Could Devastate Nation’s Homeless, Officials Fear


As The Coronavirus Pandemic Continues, Homeless Communities Are Particularly Vulnerable

The Appeal-3/18/2020

Housing is the Next Step to Mitigating Coronavirus

Charleston Chronicle-3/20/2020

CDC: Housing, Not Handcuffs Is the Way to Stop COVID-19 Amongst Homeless Populations


CDC says ‘no’ to clearing encampments during coronavirus outbreak


How the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the homeless, and how they’re being helped


Social distancing not an option for those experiencing homelessness

Nevada Current-3/25/2020

Congress Addresses Housing Crunch Amid Coronavirus Pandemic

New York Times-3/26/2020

COVID-19 Reveals the Urgent Need to House the Homeless

Texas Observer-3/26/2020

FEATURE-Race for space to house vulnerable in coronavirus


Housing For Homeless Is Next Step To Mitigating Coronavirus

Daytona Times-3/27/2020

Officials: Parking lot homeless shelter in Las Vegas was last resort

Las Vegas Review Journal-3/31/2020

How Local and Federal Policies are Criminalizing Homelessness

New York Public Radio-1/2/2020

An Alabama Police Chief Is Very Sorry His Officers Made a ‘Homeless Quilt’ Out of Panhandling Signs

VICE News-1/2/2020

What Happens When Courts Rule That Camping Bans Are Unconstitutional?


How Does Madison Rank in Criminalizing Homelessness?

Forward Lookout-1/6/2020

D.C. Will Permanently Remove Homeless Encampments Under NoMa Underpass


Tacoma Encampment Sweep Violates Constitutional Rights of the Unhoused

Suburban Times-1/7/2020

In California: $300 million to curb border pollution, but will it work? Some have doubts

USA Today-1/8/2020

Madison “Not The Worst” For Homeless Individuals


Vargas: Mountain View’s RV ban should be repealed

San José Spotlight-1/9/2020

City disposes of homeless residents’ property, fails to report on outreach efforts, in spite of new law

The Lens-1/9/2020

Sweeps Of Homeless Camps In California Aggravate Key Health Issues


Local data confirms homelessness is criminalized

Nevada Current-1/10/2020

Sprawling Homeless Camps — Modern ‘Hoovervilles’ — Vex California


Court decision allows homeless to sleep in public spaces

Siuslaw News-1/14/2020

Local groups address homelessness

Baxter Bulletin-1/15/2020

Police Commission votes against using cops to address homelessness

48 Hills-1/16/2020

Some Rural Areas Take Law and Order Approach To Homelessness

Jefferson Public Radio-1/19/2020

Use-of-force incidents against homeless people are up, LAPD reports

Los Angeles Times-1/21/2020

Homeless Camp Clean Sweeps are Unconstitutional, Advocates Argue

Legal Reader-1/22/2020


Denver Business Journal-1/23/2020

VR And AR Are Not the Solution To Our Housing Crisis

Design News-1/23/2020

Hostility against the homeless is on the rise

Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder-1/25/2020

‘I do not live a bad life’: Dozens come out to annual Empty Bowl event to combat homelessness

Lowell Sun-1/26/2020

Boise tweaked camping ban rather than removing it after legal challenge. Could that work in Denver?

Denver Post-1/27/2020

‘Right to Housing’ gains traction among top legislators heading into the session

Connecticut Mirror-1/27/2020

‘Still much work to be done’ on homelessness in Massachusetts

Spare Change News-1/29/2020

COVER STORY | Denver’s never-ending road home

Colorado Politics-1/29/2020

Give him a chance

The Journal-1/30/2020

As She Seeks Re-election, Supervisor Cowan Says She Built Partnerships, Relationships To Advocate For Del Norte

Wild Rivers Outpost-1/31/2020

Santa Ana lawsuit says whiter communities are funneling homeless its way

Orange County Register-1/31/2020

He wanted to ban feeding homeless people. Now he’s about to lead a federal homeless agency

Los Angeles Times-12/4/2019

Redding councilor under fire for suggesting homeless be detained until they ‘demonstrate self-sufficiency’

Redding Record Searchlight-12/4/2019

Trump’s Pick to Lead Homelessness Council Thinks Free Food Is ‘Enabling’

VICE News-12/4/2019

Supreme Court confronts homeless crisis and whether there’s a right to sleep on the sidewalk

Los Angeles Times-12/5/2019

White House Names Controversial Pick To Head Homelessness Office


Answer Man: Is panhandling legal in Asheville? Honesty required?

Asheville Citizen-Times-12/5/2019

Should Homeless People Have The Legal Right To Sleep Outside? The Supreme Court May Give Us An Answer


Do homeless people have the right to sleep on the street? Supreme Court may decide


When Shelters Are Full, Sleeping Outside Can Be the Only Option


Hawaii Considers “Safe Zones” For Homeless Encampments

Spring Hill Insider-12/6/2019

Opinion: Readers critique The Post

Washington Post-12/7/2019

‘No place to go’: How Kitsap is responding to a federal court ruling on homeless camping laws

Kitsap Sun-12/8/2019

Report shows national increase in laws focused on ‘criminalizing’ homelessness

San-Diego Union Tribune-12/10/2019

Cities are criminalizing homelessness by banning people from camping in public. That’s the wrong approach, report says

USA Today-12/10/2019

National report names Ocala as city with ‘harmful policies’ toward the homeless


Cities Increasingly Enacting Bans Restricting Homeless People, Report Says

Route Fifty-12/10/2019

Bitter Pill at Xmas: More Cities are Criminalizing the Homeless

The Crime Report-12/10/2019

Here’s How Cities Are Making It Illegal to Be Homeless

VICE News-12/10/2019

Banksy is the latest artist drawing attention to homelessness this holiday season


Homeless People Are Facing More Punishments For Existing, Report Finds


Ocala makes ‘Hall of Shame’ report for arresting homeless people who sleep outside

Orlando Weekly-12/11/2019

The Trump Administration’s false and damaging narrative on homelessness

Street Sense Media-12/11/2019

Redding placed in “Hall of Shame” for homeless policies

KRCR TV-12/12/2019

Real Estate And Architecture Year In Review And A Preview of 2020


Lancaster wants to clamp down on groups feeding the homeless

The Union Journal-12/14/2019

Opinion: Should It Be Illegal To Sleep Outside?


Rosario: A somber holiday season tradition few know about

Twin Cities Pioneer Press-12/15/2019

Krista Craven and Sonalini Sapra: Homelessness is criminalized in Greensboro

Greensboro News and Record-12/15/2019

Supreme Court refuses to consider cities’ efforts to prosecute the homeless for sleeping outside

USA Today-12/16/2019

Supreme Court leaves cities with only one option on homelessness: Build more housing

Sentinel Source-12/16/2019

Supreme Court Won’t Hear Case On Ban Against Homeless Sleeping In Public Spaces


Supreme Court Lets Martin v. Boise Stand: People Experiencing Homelessness Cannot Be Punished for Living in Absence of Adequate Housing or Sheler

Loveland Magazine-12/16/2019

Supreme Court Declines to Hear Case on Law Punisning Homeless Sleeping in Public Places

Santa Monica Mirror-12/16/2019

City of Las Vegas says SCOTUS announcement won’t affect homeless camping ban

Nevada Current-12/16/2019

Homeless people gain ‘de facto right’ to sleep on sidewalks through federal court


Homeless law’s defense declined

Arkansas Online-12/17/2019

Honolulu Homeless Sweeps Will Continue Despite Supreme Court Decision

Honolulu Civil Beat-12/17/2019

Court Ruling Limits What Cities In Western U.S. Can Do To Address Homelessness


Supreme Court signals homeless people have a constitutional right to sleep in public spaces

Big Think-12/17/2019

Supreme Court won’t hear case on homeless camp ban


Trump’s Plan to Criminalize Homelessness Is Taking Shape


Urban camping bans suffer blow at Supreme Court, but Denver stands behind its ordinance

Denver Post-12/17/2019

Good News Rescue Mission rejects Redding’s “Hall of Shame” title

KRCR TV-12/17/2019

Ocala amongst 7 cities to make “Hall of Shame” in new homeless report

Ocala Post-12/18/2019

Supreme Court won’t hear case on a ‘constitutional right to camp.’

Walla Walla Union-Bulletin-12/18/2019

Montgomery repeals local law to jail panhandlers

New York Times-12/18/2019

Supreme Court won’t hear homelessness case in win for advocates


SPLC applauds Montgomery Council for repealing panhandling ban

Alabama Political Reporter-12/20/2019

High Court will not review homeless law

Easy Reader News-12/21/2019

Safe zone in Spartanburg for homeless tents faces uphill climb


Supreme Court Keeps Boise Ruling in Place

LA Downtown News-12/23/2019

The criminalization of homelessness

Baltimore Sun-12/23/2019

Maria Foscarinis explains the struggles of homelessness 


Our view: President’s homelessness czar could surprise us

Durango Herald-12/24/2019

Being homeless in US no longer a crime


Homelessness down in Alabama, but hundreds still homeless in Mobile and Baldwin Counties


Trump criticizes California on homelessness, threatens federal involvement

Local 12-12/26/2019

Another View: Crackdowns on homeless wrong tactic

Canton Rep-12/27/2019

Denver police stop enforcing camping ban while city attorneys appeal ruling

Denver Post-12/30/2019

Influential homeless advocacy group says Tacoma taking ‘gamble’ on tent ban, urges repeal


Greg Abbott vs. Austin’s Homeless

Texas Observer-11/1/2019

November is HomeAid’s Homelessness Awareness Month

Economy Watch-11/1/2019

Help the homeless or criminalize them? Las Vegas debates a public sleeping ban


There’s a Link Between Evictions and Homelessness

Colorado Boulevard-11/4/2019

Apple pledges $2.5 billion for affordable housing in the Bay Area


Vacant houses could provide shelter

Piscataquis Observer-11/5/2019

Identify yourself

Real Change News-11/6/2019

Public hearing on controversial proposal to tackle the issue of homeless sleeping on the streets

8 News Now-11/6/2019

Las Vegas adopts ban that prohibits sleeping, camping on streets and sidewalks


A New Parks Policy Threatens to Hurt Portland’s Poorest Residents

Portland Mercury-11/7/2019

Questions Abound as New Campground, Shelter Plans Announced

Austin Chronicle-11/7/2019



Texas Governor Opens Homeless Campsite Amid Feud With Austin

New York Times-11/7/2019

Las Vegas Adopts A Controversial Ban On Homeless Camping Or Sleeping In Public Areas


Democratic presidential candidates oppose Las Vegas’ controversial law banning homeless people from sleeping on sidewalks


Governor Launches Camp, Backs ‘Mega-Tent’ for Austin’s Homeless, Surprising Advocates

Texas Observer-11/8/2019

Criminalizing homelessness in the heart of Dixie

Southern Poverty Law Center-11/8/2019

Austin expels homeless from under bridge, promises them giant tent

Spare Change News-11/11/2019


Builder Online-11/12/2019

‘We’ll probably be sued over this’: New Yuba County rule bans camping on levees, parks

Sacramento Bee-11/13/2019

Las Vegas homeless navigate their quest for a resting spot amid new ordinance that limits legal options

Nevada Independent-11/17/2019

City Leaders In Austin Clash With Texas Governor Over Homeless Issue


Las Vegas proposes new ordinance further restricting sidewalk use

Nevada Current-11/18/2019

City Leaders In Austin Clash With Texas Governor Over Homeless Issue

New England Public Radio-11/18/2019

New shelter near airport set to house homeless population in Austin, says Abbott

Hilltop Views-11/18/2019

The price of being homeless


This California City Wants to Build a Homeless Shelter That’s Basically a Jail


Beatty introduces bill aimed at helping homeless in Columbus area

NBC 4-11/22/2019

Amid Crackdowns on Homeless People Living Outside, Group Appeals Food Sharing Case

Route Fifty-11/22/2019

NorCal City Asks Permission to Essentially Incarcerate Homeless Population


Miami-Dade heads to crackdown on RVs

Miami Today-11/26/2019

The homeless are fed and embraced across the country at Thanksgiving. The rest of the year? Cities are pushing back

USA Today-11/27/2019

California cities challenge court ruling on homeless sleeping, camping in public

Ventura County Star-10/1/2019

Congresswoman Johnson and Congressional Homelessness Caucus Hold Briefing on Civil Rights and Hate Crimes Affecting Homeless Americans?

Dallas Weekly-10/2/2019

Las Vegas ordinance to ban public sleeping, resting sparks controversy

Las Vegas Sun-10/2/2019

Will Fines and Jail Time Fix the Homelessness Crisis?

U.S. News and World Report-10/7/2019

NSU to host Pulitzer Prize-winning author

Muskogee Phoenix-10/11/2019

OUR VIEW: Continuing the conversation on poverty

Meridian Star-10/12/2019

NSU set to host ‘The Working Poor’ author

Tahlequah Daily Press-10/14/2019

County official says city homeless ordinance would be burdensome, create fear

Nevada Current-10/15/2019

Housing is a human right. It’s time the U.S. recognized it

Connecticut Mirror-10/15/2019

Open streets


Coy McKinney: The case for a radical BID

The DC Line-10/17/2019

People who can’t afford rent are living in their cars, and cities aren’t sure what to do about them

Deseret News-10/19/2019

COMMUNITY VOICES: Ending homelessness as a community

The Bakersfield Californian-10/19/2019

Mark Cripe | Seeking Positive Return for the 25th

The Santa Clarita Valley Signal-10/19/2019

TTOC Condemns the City of Tacoma’s Sweep of a Tent Encampment in the Cold and Rain

Suburban Times-10/21/2019

Las Vegas’ homeless camping ban faces legal, logistical hurdles

Las Vegas Review Journal-10/21/2019

Proposed city ordinance pits businesses against homeless providers

Nevada Current-10/22/2019

Youth Homelessness Is a Huge Problem. But Few 2020 Candidates Are Talking About It.

Teen Vogue-10/24/2019

In Emails to City, NoMa Residents Call for Underpass Encampments to Be Cleared

Washington City Paper-10/24/2019

Calling It ‘Illegal’ Won’t Solve a Thing

Credit Union Times-10/24/2019


The Appeal-10/25/2019

District Line Daily: Tensions in NoMa

Washington City Paper-10/25/2019

Hilltop homeless camp sweep draws protest from neighbors

Tacoma Weekly News-10/25/2019

Changing the Narrative Behind Affordable Housing

Boston College Heights-10/26/2019

Tacoma seeks 400 shelter beds ahead of December tent ban

Real Change News-10/30/2019

Why districts spend millions to keep homeless students in place: ‘Changing schools is the last thing we want’

Seattle Times-9/01/2019

Why Modesto’s homeless tent city deserves praise

Modesto Bee-9/01/2019

To chase away homeless people, 7-Eleven stores in L.A. use classical music

Los Angeles Times-9/6/2019

Zanesville is known as the homelessness community

Zanesville Times Recorder-9/7/2019

Proposal would buy bus tickets for Seattle-area homeless

WSB-TV Atlanta-9/11/2019

Police chiefs and advocates for the homeless agree: Housing, not handcuffs, is the right way to deal with poverty

Washington Post-9/12/2019

Trump Administration’s Plan to Crack Down on Homeless Encampments Raises Alarms


El Dorado County experiences uptick in homelessness

El Dorado Village Life-9/15/2019

California officials urge Trump to increase federal aid to fight homelessness


Trump sees ‘liberal policies’ fueling California homeless crisis. What can he do about it?

Sacramento Bee-9/16/2019

Trump is vague on Los Angeles visit, homeless proposal

Walla Walla Union Bulletin-9/17/2019

Muchas personas han perdido su hogar. Ahora Trump dice que los indigentes “dañan el prestigio” de las ciudades (Many people have lost their home. Now Trump says that the homeless “damage the prestige” of cities)


L.A. Wanted to Use This Building as a Shelter. Now Trump Does Too.

City Lab-9/17/2019

Rainier Fruit brings back Pears for Pairs promotion

Produce Blue Book-9/17/2019

White House report urges deregulation to reduce homelessness

San Diego Union-Tribune-9/17/2019

 Newport considering campaign to encourage people to donate to charity, rather than give to panhandlers

Los Angeles Times-9/18/2019

Trump’s Plan To Crack Down On California’s Homeless Camps Raises Alarms And Potential Solutions


Democrats hate Trump’s plan for homelessness. But it’s their plan, too.

Washington Post-9/18/2019

White House Policy Paper on Homelessness Misrepresents Evidence, Drives Wrong Conclusions


California’s Homeless Advocates Puzzled By Trump’s Threats

National Public Radio-9/21/2019

10 Facts About Homelessness in the U.S.

U.S. News and World Report-9/23/2019

‘Absurd’ And ‘Dehumanizing’: D.C. Advocates Respond To White House Proposals To Fight Homelessness


Denver will now give notice before sweeping homeless camps

Colorado Politics-9/24/2019

L.A. City, Venice petition U.S. Supreme Court to overturn homeless lawsuit decision

Los Angeles Daily News-9/25/2019

Homeless people could lose the right to sleep on sidewalks if Western cities have their way

Los Angeles Times-9/25/2019

The city’s lawyers sought ‘friends’ for homeless camping case. 81 entities offered support

Idaho Statesman-9/27/2019

Cities, States Urge Supreme Court to Hear Homeless Camping Ban Case

Route Fifty-9/30/2019


Black Star News-9/30/2019

Cities Can’t Punish Homeless People For Sleeping On Street, Court Affirms

Huffington Post-4/1/19

Ruling protecting homeless who sleep in parks when they don’t have options remains

Modesto Bee-4/1/19

9th Circuit Court denies Boise’s request in homeless camping lawsuit

Idaho News-4/1/19

Court rules again: Homeless can still legally sleep in public

My Northwest-4/3/19

Court pours cold dose of reality on Seattle’s hot homelessness debate

Seattle Times-4/3/19

Court rules again: Homeless can still legally sleep in public


Ninth Circuit Court upholds ruling which states homeless persons cannot be punished for sleeping in cities that don’t offer alternatives

iFiber One News-4/4/19

Cities can’t criminalize homelessness, federal court affirms


Full 9th Circuit won’t review decision barring prosecution of homeless for sleeping on public property

ABA Journal-4/5/19

Citations soar for homeless on American River Parkway after ruling halts bans on camping

Sacramento Bee-4/7/19

Peter Boyles Wants to Kill Right to Survive Initiative Like He Did Safe Use Sites


Federal court: Cities cannot criminalize homelessness


Santa Cruz homeless camp to remain open

Santa Cruz Sentinel-4/10/19

Appeals court finds criminalizing homelessness unconstitutional

Real Change News-4/10/19

Cities can’t criminalize homelessness: Appeals court upholds ruling

Street Roots News-4/12/19

Report: Detroit, Cleveland among ‘neediest cities’ with highest poverty levels

D.C.’s homeless encampment ‘cleanups’ are only making things worse

Washington Post-4/19/19

Homeless Persons Cannot Be Punished for Sleeping in Absence of Alternatives, 9th Circuit Decision Establishes

Black Press USA-4/22/19

You asked, we answered: Where are people experiencing homelessness allowed to live?

The Desert Sun-4/23/19

Advocates Eye Legal Options as Homeless Are Ticketed Along River in Sacramento

KQED News-4/23/19

Legal landscape fast-moving in Santa Cruz homeless camp evictions

Santa Cruz Sentinel-4/24/19

Homeless Persons Cannot Be Punished for Sleeping in Absence of Alternatives, 9th Circuit Decision Establishes

The Chicago Crusader-4/24/19

Column: The root causes of homelessness

The Daily Lobo-4/25/19

It’s not a right if it can be taken away

The Stute-4/26/19

Dozens at large Minneapolis homeless camp find housing ahead of deadline


Loitering, panhandling can get you banned from Wilmington

Delaware Online-12/5/18

Tents to Rents helps Las Cruces homeless move into permanent housing

Las Cruces Sun-News-12/5/18

Islandwide Homeless Restrictions Approved — But Are They Legal?

Ban on pushy panhandlers quietly repealed: ‘This is an important victory’

Chicago Sun-Times-12/6/18

Vernon Davis Named Washington Redskins Nominee For Walter Payton NFL Man Of The Year Award Presented By Nationwide

Washington, Massachusetts & Connecticut Best At Preventing Youth Homelessness; Alabama, South Carolina, Wyoming & Arkansas Rank Worst

Colorado Springs considers banning RVs from city streets, raising concerns among homeless advocates

The Gazette-12/10/18

Can homeless sleep on the streets? Phoenix area cities are rethinking bans

AZ Central-12/10/18

A Year Without Sleep: The Criminalization of Sleep in Durango, Colorado

ACLU Colorado-12/10/18

PRESS ROOM: Public Charge Rule Undermines Human Rights, Harms Families and Communities


Public Charge Rule Undermines Human Rights, Harms Families and Communities


A Year Without Sleep – ACLU & NLCHP Report Finds Durango has Criminalized Sleep for Homeless Residents

ACLU Colorado-12/12/18

ACLU of Colorado Blasts Durango for Keeping Homeless From Sleeping


Public Charge Rule Undermines Human Rights, Harms Families and Communities

Charleston Chronicle-12/12/18

Housing needed to solve homelessness, advocate says

Durango Herald-12/12/18

The Criminalization of Homelessness (Episode 26)


OPINION: A Year Without Sleep

Pagosa Daily Post-12/13/18

Housing needed to solve homelessness, advocate says

The Durango Herald-12/13/18

United Way of King County, King County Bar Association and Seattle Mariners announce $3 Million partnership to stop a leading cause of homelessness-eviction of tenants


Wherever I park my car, that’s my home: U.S. homeless find refuge in safe parking


New HUD report finds unsheltered homelessness on the rise in 2018


Serious Concerns About the Nomination of William Barr to be Attorney General of the United States

A pet is family no matter where you live, and some homeless shelters are recognizing that

Orange County Register-12/20/18

Report reveals drop in homeless

Indiana Journal-Gazette-12/20/18

Volunteers laid foundation for successful homeless foundation in Cortez

Durango Herald 12/22/18

Helping Without Hurting

2018: A review of the news in La Plata County

Durango Herald-12/28/18

The millionaires building private police forces in the US: Vigilantes or neighbourhood watch?

ABC news-12/28/18

What to expect in 2019: Moisture, a land-use code, trial for the murder of Dylan Redwine?

Durango Herald-12/29/18

Lawsuit Challenges Greensboro City Panhandling Ordinance


The DACA hiring dance


Greensboro’s Panhandling Ordinance Challenged in Federal Court

WFMY News 2-8/10/18

Homelessness not a crime, but can lead to tickets, jail

Sandiego Union Tribune-8/12/18

“It’s tricky:” How downtown businesses and residents navigate Cincinnati’s homeless population


Living Behind the Wheel. More Americans are sleeping in their cars than ever before. Should cities make space for them?


Proposed Onondaga County law would outlaw begging if it’s too aggressive


Health officials say no hazard, city pushes “Anderson dairy bill” anyway

Nevada Current-8/27/18

 Federal Judge Puts a Temporary Hold on San Diego Police Ticketing Homeless People Living in Their Vehicles


ACLU Calls to End Unconstitutional Panhandling Bans in 69 Ohio Municipalities

Cleve Scene-8/28/18

ACLU asks cities to repeal panhandling bans

The Columbus Dispatch-8/28/18

ACLU challenging Rockford’s panhandling prohibition

Rockford Register Star-8/28/18

ACLU of Iowa targets panhandling ordinances

The Gazette-8/28/18

 ‘Section 8 Need Not Apply’: States and Cities Outlaw Housing Discrimination


ACLU of Vermont Asks Towns to Repeal Anti-Panhandling Laws


ACLU: Panhandling ordinances in three Iowa cities are unconstitutional 
Des Moines Register-8/28/18

Civil liberties group challenges anti-panhandling ordinances

Newton Daily News-8/29/18

Groups challenging Joliet’s, others’ panhandling ordinances 
The Herald News-8/29/18

Decatur reviewing panhandling ordinance after ACLU challenge

ACLU tries to keep 10 NM cities from citing panhandlers 

Groups challenge panhandling ordinances in Peoria and 21 other Illinois cities 
Peoria Star-8/29/18

ACLU, homelessness advocates call on Illinois cities to repeal laws prohibiting panhandling, citing First Amendment
Chicago Tribune-8/29/18

Civil Liberties Group Challenges Anti-Panhandling Ordinances 
US News -8/29/18

Civil liberties group challenges anti-panhandling. 
Infosurhoy 8/29/18

ACLU of Iowa targets panhandling ordinances
The Gazette- 8/29/18

Civil liberties group challenges anti-panhandling ordinances

ACLU targets begging law in Altoona, other state cities 
Leader Telegram-8/29/18

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