Domestic Violence

Useful resources for helping prevent victims of domestic violence from homelessness.

There’s No Place Like Home: State Laws that Protect Housing Rights for Survivors of Domestic and Sexual Violence
In 2005, in response to Congressional findings that families are discriminated against, denied access to, and evicted from housing because of their status as survivors of domestic violence, Congress reauthorized the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) and included new housing protections for these survivors. While VAWA provides federal housing protections for survivors of domestic violence, its protections are limited.  To fill the gap, many states have enacted legislation that goes beyond the limited protections offered in VAWA. In this 50 state review, we summarize the canon of state laws designed to counteract some of the common housing problems faced by victims of domestic violence.

Fact Sheet on the Violence Against Women Act of 2013 (VAWA)
This fact sheet addresses the impact of VAWA 2013 on the housing rights of survivors of domestic violence.

Fact Sheet on Homelessness, Housing, and Violence Against Women
Violence against women is a primary cause of homelessness. This fact sheet addresses the impact that domestic violence has on housing and homelessness.

Insult to Injury: Violations of the Violence Against Women Act
This 2009 report presents findings from a survey of service providers and analysis of PHA data, which demonstrate that many PHAs fail to comply with the housing provisions of VAWA.

Lost Housing, Lost Safety: Survivors of Domestic Violence Experience Housing Denials and Evictions Across the Country
This 2007 report co-authored by the Law Center and the National Network to End Domestic Violence explores the housing problems faced by survivors of domestic violence, such as evictions as a result of the actions of their abusers, and inability to access housing after escaping violence.

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